Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sweet home, California.

So I'm home! The trip was quite lovely and something I've needed desperately. I've been Really lucky in my later years to have the life I do compared to how it was growing up. I'll spare in depth details but let's just say the fact that I got a new camera, a trip to Chicago with NO children, just myself, and a new computer coming (I'm Still on my brother's computer since mine busted), I feel completely more than spoiled and like the luckiest gal ever!!

The trip was the perfect rejuvinator after the post partum depression and the constant family (my side of the family and a little bit of my husband's, not immediate family that I live with) stress that was just wearing me thin.

I walked around most of Chicago it felt like! lol. Bowled, played pool, tried some new foods (or rather, new restaurants) got to go see Blue Man Group!!!!! (I LOVE them) and played some video games and hung out with my friends, friends.

Maryse, you would have cringed!! My friend and I were on the subway and he was being very quiet so I started my usual eavesdropping because I love hearing what others feel is important or funny to them. There were two college looking kids who were speaking French and with my extremely and rudimentary left over rememberances, (plus their hand gestures) I figured out that they were talking about a guy on the last train that had fallen asleep and then somehow fell over into this woman's lap.

I couldn't help but laugh cause.. well, that's funny!!! They looked at me surprised though and I blushed heavily and apologized in the best French I could. They probably hated me for slaughtering their native language, it's been SO very long.

The only weird thing that I've had since coming back is this insane tiredness! It's driving me nuts! I've slept, taken naps.. and Still! I'm so very tired and fall asleep in my chair. I don't understand it at all.

Hopefully it'll go away. Other than that, I missed reading all the blogs I do and see how others are faring. It makes me happy to see updates from those I worry about.

Have a great day!!


marysevincent said...

Hi Serena ! So good to read you ! Chicago seemed to be fun and a good way to feel better. I would have loved to be with you just to listen to these French girls ! Ir's funny how people think they cannot be understood when they are in a foreign country !
Take care,

Amma said...

This is great info to know.