Thursday, March 15, 2007

Random Tidbits.

M, Cleo and everyone else that has left me such wonderful and sweet comments, I MORE than appreciate it, trust me. You guys are just the greatest and give me the much needed warm fuzzies!

I'm back for the most part! This weekend was filled with guests (starting on Thursday night and ending on Tuesday night!) and was.. well.. fun! Honestly, I love people, but I'm shy and a bit anti-social/non-trusting. Granted, these are people we've known for over 5 years each, but still! There were a Lot of people in my house at one time. Not only did I get through it without feeling overcrowded and suffocated, but I passed my expectations with flying colors! It felt sooo good to get home on Wednesday and get the chicken ready for the rotisserie on Thursday. I marinated it in a lovely self made marinate (I AM going to miss California for some of the ingredients I get here..) cut up some fresh garlic, onions and got some spices ready and then stuffed it in the bag. Then on Thursday, we had the chicken and some potatoes I made using my new obsession (rosemary and thyme) and everyone said it was good! Friday I made my infamous roast with carrots and celery, Saturday I made my cream cheese chicken, Sunday we all went out to eat, Monday I made my chork pops with potatoes, and then Salad on Tuesday. My "California" style salad, meaning premixed stuff with carrots, spinach, eggs, cheese, avacado, tomato and cucumbers. :D

So. Now that I've made myself Completely hungry (and am heating up said roast left overs cause the baby is hungry!) the rest. I think since the hormones have jacked up in my body again, that I'm doing better in regards to the depression. I really felt at the top of my game during those moments. Wednesday especially cause my husband had been out of town on Tuesday night and was coming back late Weds. I had taken care of them all Tuesday (the girlz)and Weds gotten them fed, dressed, and in bed, gotten the kitchen and livingroom cleaned up, and had dinner waiting for Sy (hot!!) when he got home. I felt like power mom!

I feel that when we get a house and I can really open up that I'll be doing good. Then I can do all that AND scrap like I'm supposed to!

I've been getting the creative bug that itches a LOT so I'm going to have to forgo all the cleaning and getting rid of stuff to start packing and do a few layouts.

I FINALLY have a link again, hopefully more in the future once I get back into the swing of things. Seems to be taking me FOREVER. Anyway, the link is to a new blog that I'm hooked on. I started out just going to get a freebie and I have a habit of at least Skimming the entries and I found myself reading everything.

Anyway, check Anna out! She's got some great freebies and interesting tales. :)

Take care my friends, I'll try and update better and get some layouts soon!!

Hugs and thank you again so very much for the wonderful comments, you guys rock!!!


LVMommy22 said...

hey sweetie! glad to see you're back and feeling better, but now you've made me hungry!!! what's in your cream cheese chicken? can you e-mail me the recipe? don't you just love anna?! she's awsome! take care of yourself, ms. power mom!
:))) M
pinkhappy2 at cox dot net

marysevincent said...

So nice to see you so happy ! And thank you for Anna's link !

Cleo Fitzgerald said...

YAY for 2nd trimester hormones, my depression lifted & even my epilepsy dissapeared in the 2nd & 3rd trimester. To be honest osf it was not for the fact that i dont want any more kids - i could quite happily be pregnant for the rest of my life !!! I loved the happiness, the feeling of super energy ... man it was like the greatest drug ever. Unfortunatly 24 hours after giving birth the whole world crashed at my feet again & now it is 2 1/2 years later and im still struggeling. but the good news it is that I AM getting there ... so enjoy it and dont forget to put your support systems in place for after !!!

Sara E said...

girl!!!!!!! I'm so happy you are doing better....I check your blog about once a week to check on you because I never hear from you anymore..
have you checked out all of my new goodies lately?? oh so fun! I'm sure you will love them :)

LVMommy22 said...

hey there girl! how are you? drop us a line ...
:) M